I say what is on my mind because I don't care what you think and if you have sensitive ears ( or eyes in this case) watch out I have a potty mouth.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Crooked Parking

I'm sure you have came across this problem when roaming parking lots for a space. Your out and about running errands and you come to a place, let's say target or the mall and it takes you forever to find a parking spot and when you finally do, you realize why it's still open because the jerk to the left or right of the spot can't figure out how to stay in the lines. Oh it makes me so mad that they can't take 5 more secs to straighten there vehicle out to fit properly into the space. A lot of times it's a mini-van or big suv. Sorry if your going to hate me for this, other " soccer" moms and dads out there, but is your life that freaking busy you can't take 5 seconds to straighten out you car.  What does that say to your kids? " I'm the only person in the world and my actions  don't effect anybody else", or "I don't care about anyone else because my priorities are more important than theirs ".  

It's not always when you have a hard time finding a spot either, surprisingly it's about any time I'm out.  Is there really that many people in this world that are that self absorbed in there own lives that they can't take a few secs to straighten out there car. Then you have the people with sports cars, who are obviously more important than any of us,  who park right on the line so they are taking up two spaces on purpose so nothing scratches there car.  That just makes me want to key "asshole" all over it.  If you are that worried about it then go park at the back of the parking lot! 

You either agree with me, or your saying it's such a minor thing in life you shouldn't get so upset about it. Then I say, 1.  if it's such a minor thing then it shouldn't be a big deal to take the few seconds to straighten out your car and 2. if your saying that, then I think you might be one of the culprits and just trying to justify yourself.  

Don't hate me I'm just cranky!